Large businesses can utilize the services of PM Pundit LLC in several ways.

Proposal Preparation:
In comparison to small businesses, large businesses have more personnel to call on when writing proposals. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the right people with the right skills are available at the right time. A thirty day turn-around for a large proposal can stress your team’s ability to deliver a winning proposal. We can help by providing an “extra pair of hands” coupled with proposal experience – either at critical points or throughout the proposal development process. Among the areas where we can help you be successful are developing a proposal plan, preparing the program’s Integrated Master Plan/Integrated Master Schedule (IMP/IMS) and reviewing the draft proposal.

Organizational Process Change and Documentation:
Large businesses rely on documented processes and procedures in order to produce consistent products and services across the organization. Over time, the actual processes and procedures followed tend to vary from those that are documented. We can help find those variances, recommend additional changes and update your documentation as appropriate.

On occasion it is necessary to reengineer your current processes and procedures to comply with the latest industry best practices and standards. We can help guide your organization through these changes, document them and return to update your documentation when necessary – all without hiring extra permanent personnel.

In order for a business to embrace Project Management as a methodology the entire organization must understand how it works. We implicitly incorporate training into all of our services but we also conduct training explicitly as well. Small companies do not generally have the budget for dedicated permanent training staff. That is where we come in. We can train an entire organization or provide mentoring or coaching to an individual. Our educational goal is to increase our clients’ ability to successfully implement Project Management at their organization.