Our passion is helping organizations like yours become more effective and efficient through the application of industry-standard Project Management, Program Management and Project Portfolio Management principles. Actually, we are so passionate about the benefits and rewards that those principles can bring to organizations, that we have dedicated ourselves to continually deepen our knowledge and experience in these fields and bring that combined wisdom to our clients. Our, original, deep desire to become an expert in Project Management also led to an ‘aha’ moment which in turn led to our company name.

According to company lore our founder’s wife is to be credited for our name ‘PM Pundit’. She was well aware of her husband’s thirst for knowledge on all things Project Management and his drive to share that wisdom with others. So when asked for a business name, she quickly offered up ‘PM Pundit’. Her choice of PM was, well, self-explanatory – Project Management, it was the second part of the name that was surprising. Many of you may think, as we did, ah, pundit – isn’t that like those talking heads reciting sound-bites on cable news? No, she shared, as most of them offered little value or substance or wisdom. She went on to explain that the word pundit is a term with a rich history originating from the Sanskrit ‘pandita’ the word for a learned man and a person of deep wisdom. As it’s used today, pundit refers to a learned person, expert or authority. We have adopted the term pundit to refer to our commitment to being a learned expert in our field, which in turn is also our commitment to you. Our commitment is to continually learn, improve and provide you with the collective wisdom and knowledge of our experiences so that your organization can successfully achieve its objectives.

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