Subject Matter Expertise

PM Pundit, LLC is a dependable, knowledgeable and accessible partner in helping your organization to succeed in reaching its goals. You can depend on our strengths as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Project Management-related and Military-related disciplines to solve a variety of organizational problems. With our unique Subject Matter Expertise and perspective we have been able to apply smart, effective and efficient Project Management-related solutions to a diverse range of clients in a myriad of sectors from government to industry to non-profit organizations located in geographical locations that span the globe.

Our passion is helping organizations like yours become more effective and efficient through the application of industry-standard Project Management, Program Management, and Project Portfolio Management principles.

We provide Project Management related services that enhance your business success. Our primary goal is to ensure that your organization has the ability to execute projects on its own. But we will also roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to ensure that your immediate needs are met.

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Program Management, Project Management and Project Portfolio Management Expertise

Successful organizations regardless of size, industry, geographic location or age strive to be both effective and efficient. Whether it’s a multi-national entity, a small-to-medium size business, a not-for-profit or a large governmental organization each wants to successfully meet their goals and objectives in an effective and efficient manner. PM Pundit, LLC is uniquely suited to helping organizations apply time-tested principles of Program Management, Project Management, and Project Portfolio Management in a customized and tailored format to perfectly suit the individual organization’s objectives and goals.

Military Subject Matter Expertise

Limited staffing and budgets often constrain government organizations from being able to hire full-time subject matter experts either as government employees or civilian contractors; the need, however, for an experienced and skilled Subject Matter Expert is still required for the tasks at hand. PM Pundit, LLC can help your organization meet its objectives by providing Military subject matter experts when and where your organization needs them and for the time frame you need them. Our SMEs provide Military Planning, Military Logistics and Operational Contract Support, as well as, Project Management-related expertise. On demand availability of SMEs, provided by PM Pundit, LLC, helps the governmental entity accomplish their objective, reduce their overall costs and allows them to reap the benefits of a seasoned and thoroughly experienced subject matter expert.

As-Needed Organizational Support

We understand that organizations vary in their needs for resources, and we offer personnel solutions to accommodate those necessary needs for staffing augmentation. Sometimes you just need someone with the subject matter experience and skills to jump in and offer operational support on a “surge” or part-time basis, whether for a month-long program start-up or a 29-hour per week level of effort for a year. We can help you meet your goals and objectives by providing the skilled subject matter experts in the following areas: Program Management, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Military Planning, Military Logistics and Operational Contract Support.

Business Development – Our SMEs have gained their experience through years of practical application at numerous entities.  They have maintained their relationships within those organizations and have keen insight into their needs, wants, processes, and personalities.  Contact us directly to ask about a tailored BD effort.

We can also help your organization, on an as needed basis or on retainer, through instruction on how to use tools related to these subjects as well as provide a tailored learning program on applying Project Management-related principles to your organization.